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Gloria J Garrett, LMT


Treatment of  Traumatic Injury Specialist

My home office is located in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.  I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing since 1996. After 27 years of training with other like-minded experts, I‘ve learned to share my experience through a combination of service and education.  I attended the Maui Academy of Healing Arts in 1994 & then went on to work at the Four Seasons Wailea Spa.  

I am passionate about my work & as such I attended many advanced workshops for treatment of injuries such as orthopedic injuries, TMJ, sciatica, plantar faciaitis, whiplash, brain/head trauma, frozen shoulder, etc.  I'm always learning & growing & now teach others advanced bodywork techniques and continue to create new CranioSacral and Orthopedic massage workshops for LMTs. 

In my private practice I use a variety of modalities like CranioSacral (very subtle osteopathic energy work), Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage & Orthopedic Massage to treat the whole person in body/mind/spirit in the most transformative way possible.


CranioSacral Therapy and
Somato Emotional Release

I first experienced CranioSacral therapy after being rear-ended by another car.  CST & SER were the only treatments that cleared out the trauma from the accident & healed my whiplash pain.  I have attended over 10 CranioSacral & SER workshops lead by the best teachers in the world.  As a result I am the most experienced CranioSacral Therapist on Maui and the only practitioner of Somato Emotional Release Therapy. I am also  a CranioSacral workshop instructor always creating new workshops as my students evolve.  CST is magical if your body is still holding pain from a traumatic experience in life e.g., car accident, a fall, sports injury to head or any other part of the body.  When there is an emotional component to the trauma the Somato Emotional Release (advanced CranioSacral) work is so powerful in clearing out the pain & trauma from the cells. Studies have found that each individual cell has its own memory of pain/trauma. These cells must release & repattern the pain/emotions etc. for complete healing of body, mind, & spirit.

Subtle and Powerful Osteopathic Energy Work

This modality is excellent for people who feel really stuck.  I work deep into the core fluids (CSF-cerebral spinal fluid) of your body creating space in between each spinal vertebrae and also the cranial bones.  I can release deeply held blocked trauma energy that can result in a major healing for the client.

Reiki Treatment

CranioSacral &
Somato Emotional Release

By Appt Only, Call 808-264-2081

Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Reflexology & Solutions for 
Foot/Ankle, Knee/Leg,
& Hip Injuries

Regain Your Mobility
Get Back Your Life

With my expert training in reflexology & my advanced reflexology tool, I can break up adhesions & restrictions in your feet & toes. My reflexology is unlike other practitioners as it is extremely deep, therapeutic & life changing.  I also treat plantar fasciitis, ankle/foot/knee/leg/hip injuries & your pain can be eliminated for good.

By Appt Only, Call 808-264-2081
Hand Massage

Treatments for Arthritis, 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
& Tennis/Golf Elbow

Ease Your Pain
Improve Your Game

I have ways to break down the arthritis in your hands to allow you to open & close your fingers again without pain.  I can also improve your golf/tennis swing & rid you of tendonitis pain allowing you to enjoy your time on Maui more.  Carpal Tunnel is curable with my expert orthopedic massage techniques.

By Appt Only, Call 808-264-2081

Orthopedic (Medical) Massage
Deep Tissue/Lomi Massage
Myofascial Release

Ease your Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain & Eliminate Sciatic Pain

I am a master Orthopedic & Medical Massage Therapist.   With my customized therapeutic bodywork techniques, I can balance your posture & alleviate a wide array of pain, e.g. sciatica, neck/shoulder, back/hip/knee pain, migraines, & frozen shoulder or hip to name a few. My treatments are customized to heal you both mentally and physically.

By Appt Only, Call 808-264-2081

Visceral Manipulation Therapy

Abdominal Release of Internal Organ Restrictions

(The Missing Link)

VM is so important for those experiencing acute & chronic back/hip & neck pain as well as IBS, Gastric Reflux, digestive & feminine problems. Your internal organs have ligaments that attach inside the abdominal wall. The abdominal wall attaches inside the body to the spinal column. Internal scar tissue, adhesions, & restrictions cause you pain & dys-comfort, dys-function & ultimately dys-ease. I am trained to assess & release those restrictions allowing your body to heal itself & function optimally. Releasing these restrictions often is the missing link to eliminating your pain.

By Appt Only, Call 808-264-2081

Gloria J Garrett, LMT

Professionally Licensed & Insured since 1996

Hawaii State Massage Therapist             License # MAT - 4221

Hawaii State Massage Establishment     License # MAE - 1507



CALL OR TEXT 808-264-2081

Insured by the American Massage Council.

Past Board of Director of the American Massage Therapy Association

Hawaii State Chapter.

CranioSacral and Orthopedic Massage Workshop Instructor

Author: "CranioSacral & the Rare Case of Vertigo", pub. 01/19, Massage Today


I am a Master Orthopedic Massage and Advanced CranioSacral therapist and instructor.  I offer a sliding scale to ensure that those who truly need my level of expertise can afford it.  Prices below include G.E. Tax.

60 minutes           $105 - $125

90 minutes           $145 - $165

120 minutes         $195 - $225

For Deep Tissue add $20 to treatment price.

Cash and Venmo OK

Credit Cards Accepted with add'l 4% service fee.

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